Funny Gift Ideas for Someone Turning 30

Funny Gift Ideas for Someone Turning 30

Or 40. Or 50. Or you just want to make fun of them for getting older.

There are a few approaches you can take with this “milestone” birthday gift for a guy. You could take the everyday run of the mill gift, the your thirty and this is what I think a thirty year old wants, the funny route, or a combination of those. When my buddy turned 30 I chose the combination route. But the only gift I’m going to tell you about is the funny gift because, well, its funny and nobody really wants to read about a normal gift.

The first thing I did was I went to the local party store near where I lived and purchased a medium sized pinata. Then came the call to our mutual guy friends. I instructed them to use their imaginations and come up with stuff to put in the pinata that would show our friend just how old he was. Some of the items that were included were: reading glasses, Ben Gay, tennis balls with a hole on top for his walker, Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, a funnel to be used as a hearing aid, fake Viagra pills, fake handicapped parking pass, AARP membership card, collapsible cane, a map with his house highlighted, Depends, and a few other items I can’t remember right now. I put all those items in the pinata, once I got them all, and waited to the grand day.

The day of his birthday party I brought the pinata into his house put it where the rest of the gifts were at and it was an instant hit. People were asking who brought the pinata and wondering why someone would bring it. I waited till the party was going good, after the alcohol kicked in, and made an announcement that it was time to break the pinata. I then explained to everyone that the only person that was going to do this was the actual ‘breaking’ was the birthday boy himself. After everyone gathered around I showed my friend that the top of the pinata already had a hole in in and told him to start taking out the items one at a time. It was awesome.

Needless to say the pinata was a big hit. Everyone was laughing and got a kick out of the items that were being pulled out. It was also made a little more special for my friend when I told him that I was helped with the items by our closest guy friends.

So the items you decide to put in your pinata are only limited to your imagination. Do it by yourself or include friends/family. It’s all up to you. The main thing is to have fun with it and you also might want to make sure your friend has a sense of humor so that they stay your friend after the party.

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